With our own packing unit, the sugar SWEET SUGAR, is offered to our costumers in supermarkets, wholesalers, distributors, factories (such as candy and soda factories, etc.), and also to confectionaries and bakeries in general. Our extra fine sugar (extra fino) came to fulfill a marketing demand of a healthier and more natural type of sugar when compared to the refined kind. Totally natural (without of any additional chemical compound, by not being refined), it has more mellowing power and has the best cost-effectiveness in the market. Our sugar serves the most exigent and important marketing factor, the consumer.

Crystal Especial Crystal Sifted Confectioners 25kg Crystal Sifted 25kg Extra Fine 25kg Extra Fine Special

Crystal Sugar



Industrial Sugar

  Confectioner’s 25kg

  Crystal Sifted 25kg

  Extra Fine 25kg

Extra Fine Sugar

  Extra Fine Sugar

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